Tips for helping your child transition to kindergarten

If your child is about to start kindergarten at langwarrin, you might be facing a few issues of your own. It should be kept in mind that kindergarten is very different when compared to daycare or pre nursery. The latter has a more structured routine. Something which not all children can adhere to immediately. However parents can help make this transition easier, with the help of the following tips from the experts.

Tips from the experts at kindergarten Langwarrin

One of the most important things a kindergartener has to do is improve the basic learning skills which they have learnt in preschool. There are certain things that parents need to do in order to ensure that the children succeed at school.

Each child grows and learns at their own pace. There are certain skills which might be easier for them to learn while others might require more time. The key is to allow your child plenty of opportunities to practice those skills which they have learnt. It is important that you practice the same lessons which are taught at kindergarten so that they can feel confidence in their work.

  • The first thing which a parent needs to focus on is the child’s behavior. They should be able to follow the guidelines issued by the teachers and also follow the safety rules. The same set of rules should be implemented at home so that learning is easier.
  • Parents can help the children fine tune their motor skills by helping them writing letters and numbers. They should also know how to use the scissors and tie their own shoelaces by this time. Setting up a morning routine is a great way to develop your child’s motor skills.
  • Children should also be allowed to develop their creativity. They should have the time to draw and paint and also review the basic colors while they work. Look for creative projects on the internet and get them printed so your children can learn to fill and color the designs.
  • It would be a good idea to allow your child to be involved in extra curricular activities. Children should be able to work with other children. They should develop a tendency to share, take turns and also listen to others while respecting the privacy.
  • They also need to develop a strong sense of self. This would enable them to grow as an individual while at the same time they should respect the personal space of others. These are some things which do not occur naturally and need to be taught with the help of role plays and reading books. It is a slow process but one which the child will learn if it is reinforced on a daily basis.
  • Always use proper language at home to help build your child’s vocabulary. It is expected that the children should be able to use language that is used in real life situations. Each new word should be introduced along with its definition. Children must be encouraged to use the words and also develop their thinking skills.

Using these tips from the experts at Alto Early Learning prove to be generally quite helpful and would help your child to make the transition to kindergarten.

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