Importance of High-quality Daycare Sippy Downs

Placing children in high-quality daycare facilities is an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime. This is why parents in Sippy Downs should always opt for high-quality daycare Sippy Downs when it comes to the education of their young children.

The importance of placing young children in high-quality daycare centres include:

Healthy brain development

Healthy brain development happens to children from birth to age 3. Paediatricians believe that the quality of care received by children during their early years plays a crucial role in shaping the way he/she connects, think, acts, and feels with other people.

Numerous studies reveal that social withdrawal symptoms, emotional issues, and separation anxiety are less felt and experienced by children attending high-quality daycare centres. The structured environment and activities provided by good daycare facilities make children behave better compared to children entrusted to caregivers at home.

Enhance children’s language development and communication skills

Children develop better vocabulary and speech when they are exposed to high-quality daycare facilities. The consistent hearing of more words during the first three years paves the way for children to expand and develop their vocabulary.

The daily storytelling, singing, and interacting activities provided by quality daycare centres help children to learn new words.

Helps children develop social skills and personal growth

The constant interaction children have with their peers and teachers helps to develop social skills and personal growth. The quality educational programs provided by good daycare centres teach children appropriate behaviours such as sharing, waiting for their turn, and cooperation.

Helps in boosting children’s immune systems

Multiple studies reveal that young children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old attending large daycare facilities tend to get sick. Their underdeveloped immune systems make children prone to respiratory and ear infections. However, the same studies show that children become less sick as they went on to primary education compared to children educated at home.

Structured environment and activities

A structured set of daily activities is part and parcel of quality daycare facilities. The scheduled activities follow a timetable of games, storytelling, and songs. Performing these set of tasks every day enable children to grow and develop intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Academic growth and development

Various researches reveal that higher cognitive and educational scores are achieved by children exposed to quality daycare facilities during their formative years.

Quality time with peers

The safe and structured environment provided by quality daycare helps children to spend quality time with their peers. Learning to problem-solve and share during group activities helps children acquire quality behaviour that helps them adapt to various higher educational settings later in life.

Quality time with other adults

The interaction between other adults is essential for the growth and development of children.  A quality daycare teaches children the values of respect when it comes to interacting with other adults other than parents and senior members of the family.

Seamless transition to kindergarten

Children exposed to daycare acquire a seamless transition to kindergarten. Their adjustment to a structured learning environment puts them in good stead when they attend kindergarten.

Multiple benefits are in store for parents and children when the choice is a high quality daycare in Sippy Downs. The experience children get from high-quality daycare facilities is something that will help them as they reach adulthood.


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