Common types of child care in Townsville

The idea of working parents in Townsville resigning from their work to take care of their children is very stressful. To most of the parents, they cannot even decide whether they will go back to their respective jobs after the maternity leave. This is because they value both the child and their work. However, there is no need to resign from work since there are different places where your children can be taken care of in your absence.

In case you are a  parent who is willing to go back from work, there is nothing to worry since there are various people who can do this for you. The only thing that you need to do is to make your decision. However, when you are making your decision, consider the following when you look for child care in Townsville:

1. Nanny child care

This is one of the types of child care provided to parents who want their children to be taken care of from their homes. The nannies in Townsville give the child care services to your child and also the rest of your family. Most of the nannies will live with you in your house, and hence you will pay them on either a weekly or monthly basis.

2. In-home daycares

Some people will provide care to your child from their homes. However, these homes are specific and must be licensed to offer child care services.

Most of the in-home daycares provide their services at a very low price.  When you are taking your child to these people, you will need to discuss their operating hours so that you can know about the time when you will be expected to take your child to them and when to pick them in the evening.

3. Shared nanny

Usually the nanny offers their services to only one family and the children of their employers. The shared nanny, child care type, on the other hand, provides their child care services to several families but at the same time. In case you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of child care services, then you can join with other families and then employ one nanny to offer you the services that you need. Once you have hired the nanny, you will be required to select one of the homes where the nanny will be taking care of the children from.

4. Au pair

The au pair is a type of child care where only the foreign caregivers are involved. For this reason, people out of Townsville are the people who will offer you the services that you require. As the parent, you are required to shelter the caregivers. The au pairs will live with you just as if they are your family member.

5. Babysitter child care

There also other people who will provide care to your child from your homes. They provide their services for some time, and then they leave. They are paid according to the number of hours they take care of your child. Unlike the nannies, the babysitters do not help you with any house chores.

6. Relative child care

In this type of child care, you select your friends and your relatives who offer the services that you need for you.  The benefit of this type of child care is that the people who take care of your child are the people to your trust.

7. Child care and daycares

These are the types of child care, where people set up centres where they offer child care services. The child care centres and daycares employ staff to take care of the children.

With the above types of child care in Townsville, it will be easier for you to make the decision about the kind of child care for your child.


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